House before
BEFORE: This old house had not been painted in many, many years. It was rundown, pealing, and needed alot of tender loving care. Wills and Sons to the rescue!
House after
AFTER: After stripping and burning off layers of paint, some repair work was needed. 3 coats of exterior paint were applied t0 this home, and a handsome tranformation took place!
Stairs before
BEFORE: The client decided this tired old oak staircase needed a totally new look. This was a fiddly, time-consuming but interesting challenge that I was pleased to take on.
Stairs after
AFTER: Following a great deal of preparation - and some repair work - 3 coats of paint were applied to risers and spindles, 2 coats of stain to treads, and 3 clear coats for complete protection.
Room before
BEFORE: This plain, simple sitting room - with its white walls and brown windows -needed a fresh look. It wasn't just the walls and ceiling - the floor needed a makeover too!
Room after
AFTER: With bright white on the crown moulding, windows and base - and a color accent on walls - new plantation shutters were installed to windows to compliment and complete the new look.